Betty Everett

Betty Everett is remembered primarily for one huge hit in the 60's, but she was also one of the very best soul singers and actually recorded many songs.

She was born in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1939. Starting at age nine she played the piano and sang in church. She continued to sing in gospel choirs, and moved to Chicago in 1957.

In Chicago she continued to sing. She recorded songs on some of the local Chicago labels such as C.J., Cobra and OneDerful in the late 50's and early 60's, coming up with local hits such as I'll Be There and I've Got A Claim On You. She signed a contract with VeeJay, a label that was issuing some hits by the Beatles at around the same time. Her release of You're No Good just missed the top fifty late in 1963 and was covered in the UK by the Swinging Blue Jeans. Then she hit big.

Betty Everett recorded The Shoop Shoop Song [It's In His Kiss]. In the Spring of 1964 it was a top ten song. Other records, such as I Can't Hear You and Getting Mighty Crowded were not as successful commercially. She did a duet with another prominent Chicago-area singer, Jerry Butler, and Let It Be Me also made the top ten that year. Other Betty Everett/Jerry Butler duets came along, such as their single Smile and their LP Delicious Together. Betty Everett made a successful tour of England in the mid-60's.

After Vee Jay folded in 1967, Betty went to ABC without success before coming back on Uni in 1969 with There'll Come A Time, her last top forty hit. This song was her first entry in the soul charts where it went to number two. Betty had five more entrys in the soul charts on Uni and Fantasy by 1971.

In 1975 You're No Good went to number one in the United States in a version released by Linda Ronstadt. That same year The Shoop Shoop Song [It's In His Kiss] was covered by Linda Lewis and went top ten in the UK,

Betty Everett died at her home in Beloit, Wisconsin in 2001. The song that she is best remembered for is one that everyone knew in 1964, The Shoop Shoop Song [It's In His Kiss].

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