Bob Lind

Bob Lind was somewhat of a modern-day minstrel in the 60's and managed to put one memorable song in the top ten.

He was born in Baltimore in 1942 and moved to Chicago as a child. In the 60's he became a singer/songwriter and also a devoted fan of Bob Dylan and his music. Lind moved to Colorado to attend high school.

He continued with his songwriting and performing as a singer, once taking first prize in a hootenanny contest. He performed at The Analyst, a club in Denver, and eventually signed a record deal with World Pacific. It was on that label that he had his huge hit Elusive Butterfly in the winter of 1966. Later the same year he had a minor two-sided hit with Remember The Rain/Truly Julie's Blues and issued his initial album, Don't Be Concerned, borrowing the title from a line in Elusive Butterfly.

Other albums followed in the ensuing years, including Photographs Of Feeling (produced by Jack Nitzsche) and Since There Were Circles.

Bob Lind is a calm, friendly man. He eventually retired from show business and in 1969, he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1971 he returned to Los Angeles, then lived in Hawaii for a year. He has lived in Florida for many years and continues to reside there, working as a writer. Bob has had his short stories published in some literary magazines and is the author of five novels. He has written for creative, fun publications such as the Weekly World News and the Sun. He still loves music, plays the tenor sax and when last heard from, Bob was working on a jazz CD.

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