The Serendipity Singers

The Serendipity Singers hit the charts briefly in the mid-60's and made their contribution to music through folk, pop and even some show tunes.

The group was formed at the University of Colorado by students Bryan Sennet, Mike Brovsky and Brooks Hatch. They assembled a group that comprised nine members including vocalists Lynne Weintraub, Diane Decker and Tommy Tieman, guitarists John Madden and Jon Arbenz and bass player Bob Young. The group began to perform on college campuses, mostly in the Western United States.

The Serendipity Singers became more noticeable following a performance at the Bitter End in New York's Greenwich Village. They appeared on the scene shortly after groups such as Peter, Paul and Mary and the New Chisty Minstrels had helped to make folk music popular. The Serendipity Singers projected a squeaky clean image. In the Spring of 1964 their song Don't Let The Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man) was a top ten hit. They appeared on the popular television show Hootenanny. The group followed with their final top forty song, Beans In My Ears, later in 1964.

Bob Dylan took folk music electric and the British Invasion began, and the type of music with which the Serendipity Singers were associated went out of style. The group continued to record albums and perform live and occasionally on television. Following a number of personnel changes they were still going into the 1990's.

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